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Your Pipe Has Burst! Now What?

The holidays have come and gone, and with a new year kicking off, you can finally relax… right? Not if your pipes burst! There is no doubt that this is a time-consuming and stressful situation. At Stadler Plumbing we strive to keep you educated, so you know what to do when you find yourself face-to-face with a plumbing emergency.

Shut Off The Water & Electricity

First things first – shut off the water! This will stop the flow and allow you the time to properly assess the situation before taking any further action. If you don’t know where your main water valve is, now is the time to find out. Know where these things are, so you can access them easily and quickly, if needed.

You will also want to shut off the electricity in the area where the water damage has occurred. It’s no secret that water and electricity do not mix. This step will greatly reduce the risk of injury. No need to add further stress to already hectic situation!

Call The Experts At Stadler Plumbing

At Stadler Plumbing, we offer services 24/7, so no matter what time of the day or night your pipe bursts, we are here for you. We can make an educated evaluation of the situation and move forward with the appropriate steps to get you back to where you need to be.

Dry Things Out

When it comes to your pipes, you can leave the hard work to us! However, what about your carpet, clothes, furniture, and any other precious belongings that are now covered in water? Work fast and start getting these items dried out as much as possible. The sooner you begin the drying process, the more likely you are to save your watered down possessions. Move it all to a warm, dry area and put your fans to work!

Did important papers, old photos, and other various documents get soaked? This may seem like a hopeless situation, but there’s still a chance you can salvage these, as well! First of all, do not try to wipe the water off. Instead, mop the water by dabbing a paper towel over the affected areas. Then, carefully hang them to dry. You can even try freezing the items or putting them in rice! It may seem like a long shot, but what do you have to lose?

More Questions? Turn To Us!

We realize that experiencing a burst pipe can be very frustrating and stressful. That’s why we will do everything we can to keep your home safer and your belongings intact! Call on us for reliable care that you can trust time and time again. We are available for countless services, as well as any questions you may have concerning your pipes. Thanks for choosing Stadler Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs!

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Protect Yourself From Frozen Pipes

Fall has officially arrived, which means Winter and cold days will be here shortly. With freezing temperatures also comes freezing pipes. Avoiding this issue is vital for maintaining proper pressure levels throughout your home and plumbing equipment. Without adequate protection and insulation, pipes that are exposed to too much cold weather could burst, leaving you with a big mess.

The pipes and various plumbing units running throughout one’s home often get forgotten about due to their lack of visibility. Unfortunately, neglecting these areas can wind up causing a lot of issues for you and family members, and it may even trigger lasting damage to your home.

Save yourself the time, money, and hassle involved with burst pipes by following some of these guidelines.

Frozen Pipe Protection - Macomb County MI - Stadler Plumbing & HeatingDrain Outdoor Water Sources

If you own a pool, be sure that it is completely empty before the cold weather starts to set in. This goes for sprinklers systems, as well. Emptying these out early in the season will allow them adequate time to dry out before freezing temperatures hit and cause issues.

You will also want to ensure that hoses and other outdoor water sources are cut off and emptied. Clear out your hoses, then store them inside throughout the snowy weather. Also, try to let everything drain out as much as possible, to ensure no excess water is stored away, waiting to cause trouble down the line.

Insulate Your Pipes

Basements, crawlspaces, attics, and garages are just a few of the many places throughout a home that should be insulated. These areas rarely see much heat throughout the wintertime, meaning they are more susceptible to burst pipes. There are various places throughout the home that may not be getting the heat needed to stay safe during cold weather, so check your cabinets, pantries, and other spots you think may need some extra attention.

As far as the materials needed to keep your pipes at appropriate temperatures, consult with an expert to see what the best fit for your home would be. The professionals at Stadler Plumbing know all there is to know about pipes, insulation, and keeping your home as safe as possible. Ask for our input today and let one of our trained experts analyze what would be best for your specific needs contact us.

Consider Pipe Relocation

While removing and relocating all of your pipes may seem like a huge task to take on, consider what you will gain from it. Once completed, you can rest easy knowing your home is much safer and that you have minimized the risk of burst pipes occurring within your home.

At Stadler Plumbing, we specialize in renovations and remodeling, making us the top choice for anyone looking to change things around. Give us a call today to see what we can offer you and to discuss the options you have. You will not regret choosing us for all of your plumbing-related needs!

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