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How To Know If Your Sewer Is Backed Up

Concerned about your home’s plumbing system? If your drains aren’t working properly, it won’t be long before you start facing bigger issues and, before you know it, you’ll have a big mess on your hands. You could save yourself a lot of time, stress, and expense by keeping an eye out for common signs of sewer problems and by having them tackled by a team of professional plumbers before things get worse.

We’ve brought up a few things for you to watch out for. If you find yourself answering yes to any of the following questions, reach out to the Stadler Plumbing team today!

man fixing plumbing issue in sink

Are Your Drains Backing Up?

If multiple drains throughout your household are backing up, or if you find water coming up through your shower drain every time you flush your toilet, then it’s time to reach out to an expert for some help. One plumber compared your system to a tree, with the main sewer line being the trunk. If that portion is experiencing a problem, the rest of the branches (or drains) will start experiencing issues, as well.

Is Sewage Coming Up Through Your Floor Drain?

The floor drains in your basement will eventually start pumping out water and sewage if your main line is backed up. If the water in your home can’t escape out like it is supposed to, it will simply turned around and come back up this way. Soon, you’ll be left with a big, smelly mess, which no one wants to deal with. You’re always better off addressing the problem sooner, rather than later.

Does Your Toilet Gurgle?

If you’ve been hearing some strange gurgling noises from your toilet, or if you’ve noticed it bubble from time to time, then your main line definitely needs some attention. This is actually one of the first signs that you’re experiencing an issue, so don’t hesitate to get professional care. The sooner you act, the less likely you’ll experience sewage backing up into your home.

Are Your Drains Moving Slowly?

Does it take forever for your sink or bathtub to drain out water? You probably have a big clog, or you could have tree roots interfering with your pipes ability to function efficiently. Either way, getting a licensed technician on the job is a must! Even if you haven’t already noticed an issue, filling up the sink and observing how slowly or quickly it drains now and then is a good idea. That way, you’ll always know where you’re at, and you can try to note any warning signs early on.

Don’t Wait To Give Us A Call!

If your main sewer backs up, you could find yourself with ruined carpet and belongings. Don’t wait until it is too late. Now that you know some common warning signs you can alert our qualified crew at the first sign of trouble! Reach out today.

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4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Toilet

While toilets typically become one of the longest-standing fixtures in a household (some known for lasting decades), there will always come a time when they’ve faced too much wear and tear and need to be replaced. Yet, this occurs so infrequently that many are not sure what signs to watch out for.

white tile bathroom

It Clogs A Lot

Every toilet gets clogged now and then, but if you are experiencing clogs on a regular basis, then there may be some bigger issues that need to be addressed. No one has the time to plunge their toilet once a week. If you are calling a plumber every week to address a difficult obstruction, then that’s going to add up quickly, too.

A clog now and then is nothing to fret about, but if they’re happening all the time, there’s a good chance you need a new toilet. Your current model may simply be too old to handle the job, or there could be a bigger issue at hand. Whatever the case, a new commode is the way to go!

It’s Past Its Prime

Older toilets are less efficient, noisier, more prone to experience damage, and they take longer to fill because they use more water than necessary per flush. If yours is past its prime, then it’s time to invest in a newer model before any major damages are detected. The longer you wait, the more issues you’ll face, and your plumbing could suffer, as well. All in all, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress by making the switch now.

It’s Damaged

If your bowl has cracks or knicks, or if water is leaking at the base, a new toilet should be on your shopping list. Cracks throughout the porcelain increase your chances of experiencing leaks and water damage, and they could easily build up with grime that is hard to clean out and triggers even more deterioration.

Leaks increase your water bill, damage your floors, and make your bathroom aesthetic less than pleasant. Fix the problem now, so your bank account doesn’t wind up suffering down the line.

It Flushes Poorly

There can be a number of issues associated with poor or inefficient flushing. A common problem is that the toilet is simply too old and uses up too much water. Newer models don’t fill the tank as full, so you’ll experience less waste when you update. Other times, the tank won’t refill, the toilet continues running, or the fill-valve needs to be replaced. Whatever the issue is, having things looked over is a must. You may just need a replacement part, but sometimes it isn’t that simple and a new toilet will be in order.

We Licensed, Insured & Here To Help

The team at Stadler Plumbing is more than qualified to assist with any toilet-related issues you may be experiencing. Let us check things over soon, so that we can make further recommendations based upon your unique needs. If a new toilet is on the horizon, we’ve got you covered! Call today!

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