Are You In Need Of A Quality Sillcock Or Hose Bib?

A sillcock or hose bib is an outdoor faucet on your home that is designed to make outdoor water access easy. Most of us forget all about these until we need to wash the car, water the garden, or hook up the sprinkler. But if you’ve ever tried to do any of these things without a sillcock, you know just how important having one is!

Unfortunately, due to the extreme cold we experience here in the greater Detroit area, these outdoor faucets are prone to leaks and freezing, which can create a variety of problems, including property damage and water waste.

  • Property Damage – Over time, a leaky sillcock can create pools of water, kill the grass, and even damage the foundation or masonry of the home.
  • Water Waste – No one wants to pay for water that they aren’t actually using, but when a leaky sillcock or hose bib goes unrepaired, that’s exactly what you’re doing. It may seem insignificant at first, but money saved is money saved.
Outdoor faucet on home with water trickling down

Is your hose bib or sillcock spraying and leaking water? Give Stadler Plumbing & Heating a call! We can repair your frozen or leaky sillock or replace it with a new one. We offer both standard and frost-free options, so whatever you need, you can count on us.

Why Opt For A Frost-Free Sillcock?

Because the supply pipe on a standard hose bib or sillcock is unprotected against the elements, the water inside can freeze and cause the pipe to burst. But when you have a frost-free sillcock or hose bib installed on your home, the valve seat that stops the water when the faucet is off is located further in the house where it is protected against freezing temperatures. This prevents water in the pipe from being exposed to freezing temperatures, virtually eliminating the risk of frozen faucets and burst pipes. Have you considered a frost-free sillcock or hose bib?

We’ll Put An End To Your Leaky, Frozen Outdoor Faucet Problems

If you’d like to know more about frost-free sillcocks or would like to have a master plumber out to inspect, repair, or replace your hose bib, please give us a call at 586-803-1200. Our licensed and insured team is dedicated to providing our neighbors throughout Macomb, Oakland, and St. Clair counties with quality, customer-oriented service in a timely manner. Call or click here to request your appointment!

If your existing plumbing system is in bad shape, you may need our water re-piping services. Find out more about our water line repairs and installations today.

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