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Drain Clogging Troubleshooting

If your drains are clogged up, then you’re likely anxious to resolve the issue fast. We can’t say we blame you! Clogs can make your home look and smell quite unpleasant, and they aren’t very sanitary, either. Sometimes clogs can be addressed without the help of a plumber, but this isn’t always the case. If multiple drains in your home seem to be backing up or if you’ve tried to remove a clog time and time again with no luck, then it’s time to call Stadler Plumbing in. Our licensed team can help you out!

Avoid Chemical Solutions

If you want to try addressing a plugged up drain before calling us in, there are some dos and don’ts for tackling the job. One thing that many homeowners turn to is chemical products that claim to attack clogs as they are poured down the drain. The truth is, these products aren’t nearly as effective as they claim, and they can wind up causing some serious damage to your pipes. Even the kinds that say they won’t cause issues can still be detrimental.

These chemicals can also be bad for your health and the environment. We strongly advise against their use, and encourage some more practical techniques for do-it-yourself clog removal.

Using The Right Tools

The best tools for removing a clog are a snake or a plunger. Both can be extremely effective when used correctly, and both are safer options for your drains and pipes. If you’ve been plunging for a while and aren’t seeing any results, take a break and assess your technique. Sometimes it just takes a bit more time, depending on how bad the clog is, and it’s important to ensure the plunger is in the right position for getting the job done right.

Snakes are also great for removing blockages, as they break down the build up, allowing it to go down your drain much easier. Just be cautious and take it easy to avoid causing any damage to your plumbing. With a little patience and careful maneuvering, you’ll go be good to go in no time.

Trust in the Right Plumber

The best way to find and resolve big plumbing issues is to turn to the right plumber, and the team at Stadler Plumbing has the tools and expertise necessary for getting it done. We will efficiently source the problem, so we can take the appropriate steps to remedy the issue.

This is also a great practice for ensuring worse issues aren’t present in your drains, and it gives us the opportunity to find the problems without tearing apart your entire plumbing system. All in all, we go above and beyond to completely exceed the expectations of our outstanding customer base, a goal we shoot for every day we are business.

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Do’s & Don’ts: Unclogging A Toilet

Properly Unclogging Toilets - Macomb County MI - Stadler PlumbingEvery homeowner finds themselves facing a clogged toilet from time to time. While this is never a fun problem to have, it is not necessarily something you would need to call a plumber for. You can unclog a toilet on your own by following some simple hacks. Check out some do’s and don’ts below!


  • Do Start Simple: When first addressing a clog, start out with the most classic approach – plunging. A plunger is designed to work specifically for toilets and most clogs will come out if you utilize your plunger correctly. If you are not seeing results, stay patient, take a break, and try again in five or ten minutes. If you still make no progress, try alternative methods.
  • Do Try A Snake: A drain snake is a great tool to use for breaking up clogs and getting your toilet back to its normal state. It is designed to dig into the clog, forcing it into smaller pieces and giving your system the chance to drain out all of that debris. Be patient and careful as you twist and wind the snake throughout your drain as to not cause any further damage or plumbing issues.
  • Do Keep The Seat Down: When you are not directly addressing the clog, keep the toilet seat down to avoid anything potentially falling in and causing an even bigger blockage. This especially goes for homes with pets or kids. Dogs and small children will surely be curious what all the fuss in the bathroom is about and you will greatly reduce the chances of a huge mess if everything is sealed off.


  • Don’t Be Reckless: Make a proper assessment of your situation and the severity of your clog before trying out any hasty fixes. Rushing into something could result in an even bigger mess. For example, a baking soda and vinegar combination often works well to break down a clog, but using too much of it too quickly could result in your toilet bubbling over.
  • Don’t Use Chemicals: Many companies promote powerful chemicals that claim to quickly force out any clog. The truth is that many do not work as effectively as they claim. They may eventually wear down a clog, but it will take some time. It is not worth the cost involved, not to mention the excess exposure to harsh toxins.
  • Don’t Refuse Help: If all else fails, call in a plumber for assistance. If you have tried every trick in the book and your clog still will not budge, then you might be facing a bigger issue than you realize. If you notice any water backing up into the shower drain or the sink then this is a sign of bigger problems, as well, meaning it is time to get a professional’s help.

The experts at Stadler Plumbing are ready and able to help you with any of your plumbing needs. Visit our website today to see all of the products and services we have to offer. Then, stop on by or give us a call today to get your appointment booked!

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