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How To Save Money On Plumbing Costs This Year

If you’re like many, one of your new year goals is to save money and minimize spending. Unfortunately, costs come up sometimes that we cannot avoid. Plumbing disasters can put a major dent in your budget, so follow these guidelines to try and avoid them at all costs. They’re small steps that could wind up making a big impact on your savings account!

Locate Your Shut-Off ValveSave Money On Plumbing - Detroit MI - Stadler Plumbing & Heating

First things first, make sure you know where your shut-off valve is and how to use it. If a major plumbing accident, like a burst pipe, occurs and you’re face-to-face with a potential flood in your home, shutting off the water as soon as possible could save you a ton of money on your next water bill. Not to mention, you’ll avoid tons of water damage.

Also, if it’s after hours and you don’t want to call an emergency plumber, then turning off your water could be an easy step for buying some time until regular business hours come back around. Emergency plumbing is a great service, but it’s an expensive one, too!

Be Kind To Your Drains

If you’re facing a stubborn clog, pouring some liquid drain cleaner down your pipes may seem like an easy and effective solution, but it is actually quite hard on your plumbing system. On top of that, these products tend to not work as well as they claim and many take quite a long time to show any results. A better solution would be to use a snake to slowly work out any blockages.

It’s also important to be careful about what you are putting down your drains. Hair, grease, and other harmful substances will take a toll on your pipes and trigger clogs. This goes for your toilet, too! The only thing that should be flushed is toilet paper.

Don’t Put Off Repairs

If you know something is wrong with your plumbing, call in a plumber right away while the problem is still small. Little issues can turn into big and expensive repairs quickly, so you’re always better off staying on top of it. Don’t let an affordable fix become a time-consuming and costly issue. Call in Stadler Plumbing today to handle it all!

Avoid Frozen Pipes

Finally, with winter comes freezing temperatures that can quickly lead to frozen pipes. Make sure warm air can circulate through areas where the pipes are and be sure to keep your home at a high enough temperature to prevent water from freezing up. We also recommend turning off all outdoor water sources and to insulate your pipes to help protect them from cold weather.

If your pipes do freeze, turn off your water and call us in! We’ll be happy to help you resolve any issues.

We strive to be your go-to plumbing company for any and all of your pipe-related problems. Give us a call today with any concerns or questions. We’re eager to get started!

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Installing A Second Water Meter

As March and April progress, the days will start getting warmer and longer. As homeowners anxiously await the arrival of summer, plans for big gardens and luscious lawns are being made all throughout the area. With all of this extra outdoor activity comes extra water use! If you are looking to save money on your water bills this spring and summer, consider installing a second meter on your property.

How Do I Save Money?

When your water bill is calculated, a large percentage goes to sewer and wastewater fees. When it comes to the water you use inside of your home, this fee is definitely necessary! But, what about the water you use outside? Most of the water used in hoses, sprinklers, and other outdoor equipment is simply soaked up into the soil, meaning no sewer fees should be applied.

Unfortunately, there is no way to monitor that when only one meter is being used. A second meter tracks the water you use outside, so you do not get charged any unnecessary fees. The water used inside of your home will be tracked completely separately, so you will only be charged for what you use for showering, doing dishes, washing clothes, and all of your indoor activities.

If it doesn’t seem worth the hassle, think of all the yard work you do when the weather gets nice. If you regularly run a sprinkler system or water plants and gardens on a daily basis, that adds up quite a bit! On average, over half of most homeowners’ water use during the summer months is outdoors! That’s a lot of dollars you save by investing in a second water meter.

Turn To Stadler Plumbing

At Stadler Plumbing we strive to keep our customers informed and educated on the best plumbing practices. We strongly believe that the purchase of a second meter is a smart choice for any home, and we can help you install it! If it seems like a lot of work and stress, worry no longer. Simply give us a call, set up an appointment, then leave the rest to us!

We are licensed and insured, so you never have to worry about missing anything. We can also advise you on the next appropriate steps to take to ensure you save as much money as possible. Feel free to give us a call with any further questions! We will be more than happy to offer sound advice and point you in the best direction.

For more information, browse our website! We offer a wide range of services to meet all of your plumbing needs. We even have a line open 24/7 for any emergencies you may face. At Stadler Plumbing, we won’t let you down. Depend on us today!

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