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Need A New Sink Installed?

Sinks come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, and what type of sink a person invest in often depends on their unique needs and preferences. Whether you are putting a new sink in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or somewhere else, the job needs to be done right or you could be left with a big mess on your hands. Put your mind at ease by trusting in Stadler Plumbing from start to finish.

Getting The Job Done RightNeed a New Sink Installed - Detroit MI - Stadler Plumbing & Heating

A sink can easily become the focal point of a room, so ensuring it is installed correctly and in the exact location you need it is vital when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Along with this, once a new sink is installed you want it to work properly, without hassle, so you don’t have to deal with frustrating plumbing issues down the line.

This is why you don’t want to hire a company that is inexperienced or that is known for cutting corners. The team at Stadler Plumbing is licensed, insured, and has 30 years of experience serving the folks in and throughout Macomb County. We also carry a backflow testing certification, and we work hard to provide our customer base with the best products available in today’s market.

There’s no doubt that, when you depend on us, your plumbing work will get done right. We are confident that we can provide you with the best services in the area!

Leave It To The Pros

A sink that has the right features for your needs can make your life a whole lot more convenient, so don’t take any risks when it comes to installation. A do-it-yourself approach may seem tempting, but even just one minor mishap can lead to a lot of expensive repair work down the line.

Doing a full-on remodel? Then, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable team of plumbers is a must! They will know all the codes and regulations necessary for getting everything placed appropriately so that you don’t encounter any mishaps later on.

No matter what type of plumbing work to be done, our team is more than happy to help you out. From renovations to water heater repair to gas line installation and more, there is not much that we cannot do for you! We are educated, experienced, and ready to take on any job you throw our way, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to set something up.

The sink of your dreams is just a few short steps away, so dial our number soon, and we will work with you to ensure your vision comes to life. Thanks for choosing us for all of your plumbing needs!

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Trust In Us For Licensed Backflow Testing & Prevention

Have you heard of backflow? For those that don’t know, backflow is what occurs when your water flow reverses, causing the cleanbackflow preventer water that is supposed to enter your home to combine with the dirty water that you want nowhere near it. This typically occurs when there is a change in water pressure, and it could lead to some serious issues for your home and family, such as damage to your structure and health issues in loved ones.

Because of this, it’s necessary to have a professional regularly test for backflow, and we recommend having a backflow prevention device installed, as well. Learn more about this process below, then give us a call to discuss your options!

More About Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices are designed to stop dirty water in its tracks, so that it does not mix with the clean water you use for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and more. There are various devices out there that you can have put in, but the main goal of all of them is to avoid cross-contamination and to force water to continue flowing properly and in the right direction.

Deciding which device is right for you can be confusing, but the team at Stadler Plumbing is more than willing to help you out every step of the way. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to install all different types of systems, so you’ll be all set and good to go no matter which route you take! With our licensed team on the job, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Importance Of Backflow Testing

Even with one of these devices installed, annual inspections and testings are necessary when it comes to preventing backflow. This equipment does a great job in keeping your home protected, but that doesn’t erase the possibility of it breaking down from time to time. A professional plumber will ensure everything is still running okay year after year, allowing you the peace of mind you deserve.

If we discover an issue with your backflow prevention device during our examination, we’ll provide the necessary repair services to set you up right again. Just leave it to us! With a crew like ours on the job, you won’t need to stress at all this holiday season.

Are You Prepared For The Holidays?

Christmastime is upon us, and if you have visitors coming your way this holiday, then keeping your plumbing in tip-top shape needs to be a priority. Ensure the safety and comfort of your guests by trusting in our team from start to finish! Looking to remodel? We can help with that, too! Whatever you need to get your house ready for the season ahead, we’re certain we can assist. Call on our team today!

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