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Stay Prepared With A New Sump Pump

The rainy season is upon us and summertime storms are known for producing an abundance of water. If you are looking to keep your basement free from damage and out of harm’s way, consider investing in a sump pump for your space. Grant yourself the peace of mind you deserve by working with the team here at Stadler Plumbing. We’re happy to help with any and all of your plumbing-related needs!

hole in basement floor with sump pump

What Does A Sump Pump Do?

So, how exactly do sump pumps work? Well, they are installed in the lower levels of your home and they automatically turn on when water levels get too high. When they are in place and installed correctly, they should efficiently and effectively pump water out and away from your home’s foundation, ensuring your basement and crawlspace do not face any extensive damages.

Based on your unique needs, our experienced and licensed team can recommend the type of sump pump that would work best for your home. In no time, you will be set up with care and protection. Ready to get started? Give our team a call, and we will be on the job in no time.

Dangers Of Water Damage

There are many ways water can negatively impact the value and structural soundness of your home. Along with leaving unsightly stains, rotting your wood, and rusting any metal components, water can also cause mold to grow. Mold is known for triggering health problems in those who come into contact with it. This is especially true if those individuals are asthmatic or have series allergies.

Even those with stronger immune systems could be at risk of getting ill or facing other serious problems down the line. All in all, mold is dangerous to have in your home and it can be costly and time-consuming to remove. Avoid water damage and mold-related issues by getting your sump pump installed right away.

Another thing to consider is all of the belongings you store in your basement. If you own a home, then you are all too familiar with how quickly things pile up in your storage spaces. If you have boxes, old clothes, furniture, and other items stored downstairs, don’t risk ruining any of it. Most items will likely end up needing to be replaced and sentimental things, like photos or heirlooms, will simply be gone forever.

Is your basement finished? Then, you really don’t want to take any chances. Don’t let all that renovation and reconstruction work go to waste. Rather, count on our team to help you out today! We’re ready to set you up with an appointment. Just call our number, and we’ll be on the job soon.

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What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze

If you find yourself with little or no water pressure on a cold winter day, then it’s unfortunately quite likely that your pipes have frozen. This is a scary situation to find yourself in, as a burst pipe can lead to a costly mess. Yet, never fear, because Stadler Plumbing is here to help you out! Review some of our tips below to keep your home safer throughout the holiday season ahead.

Turn Off The Water!Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage in the Home

First things first, when you suspect a frozen pipe, turn off your water. By shutting off your main water valves, you save yourself a lot of trouble should a pipe burst or a leak occur. This also helps to reduce pressure, thus decreasing the likelihood of a burst pipe, which will cause water to enter your home and damage your possessions.

Frozen pipes are a big enough problem on their own, without adding a bunch of water damage and ruined belongings to the mix. If you suspect a frozen pipe, turning off the water right away will save yourself a lot of hassle down the line.

Then, Call On Us

There are do-it-yourself approaches out there for thawing frozen pipes, but if you want to guarantee a stress-free process with as little damage as possible, then it’s best to call on our qualified team right away. When it comes to plumbing care in Macomb County, there’s simply nowhere better to turn, and we’re eager to help you out! Guarantee yourself and your family a safer and more comfortable holiday season this winter by calling on us from the start.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

The best case scenario with frozen pipes is to avoid them altogether. Here are some tips for keeping your pipes safer and running well throughout the colder months ahead.

-Keep your cabinet and cupboard doors open. This ensures warmer air is exposed to your pipes. Along these same lines, if you have pipes in your garage, do your best to keep your garage door closed, so that the cold outdoor temperatures don’t affect your water flow.
-Insulate your pipes ahead of time. This especially goes for areas where your pipes are more susceptible to freezing, such as garages, basements, and crawl spaces.
-Make sure your swimming pool, sprinkler system, outdoor hoses, and any other outside water lines are properly drained before cold weather sets in.
-If it’s especially cold outside, let a small trickle of water run from your faucet. This will keep things flowing, so you’re less likely to face frozen pipes. You can run both hot and cold water throughout these times. It may seem like a waste of money, but facing a burst pipe will be a lot more costly in the long run! We assure you it’s a simple step that’s well worth it.
-Keep the heat on. By keeping the temperature in your home above 55 degrees on a constant basis, you significantly lower your risk of frozen pipes.

Any questions? We’re here to help. Contact the licensed, insured, and experienced team at Stadler Plumbing today!

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