Saving Money Water Bills Image - Detroit MI - Stadler Plumbing & Heating IncWith a new year just around the corner, many are making resolutions for 2017. Along with eating healthy, exercising more, and cutting out a vice or two, saving money is a common goal that many are determined to enforce. At Stadler Plumbing, we want to help! One way you can save money, while helping the environment, is by cutting back on your water usage.

When you think about all the ways you use water throughout your home, this may seem like an impossible task. Lucky for you, we have lots of great idea for cutting things out here and there in a way that will barely impact your everyday routine! Check out some tips below.

Run The Dishwasher

We’ll start things off easy… If you have a dishwasher in your home, use it! This is an effective way to cut back on water and save yourself some extra work, while you’re at it. Many believe hand-washing is the way to go when trying to save money, but that typically is not the case. Stock up the dishwasher and enjoy your evening! Just be sure to fill it entirely before starting it up, so that you’re not running multiple loads.

Store Water In The Fridge

Another easy step you can take is to keep water in your fridge. If you find yourself waiting forever by the sink to get a cold glass of water, it is time to make a change! Think of all that is wasted while you wait for the stream to reach an appropriate temperature. Instead, store a big jug in the refrigerator, so you have easy access to a refreshing drink any time you want it.

Cut Back Shower Time

We all know that a warm shower can be a relaxing way to end the day. Shower time is never something people want to give up, but cutting just a few minutes off can save you money in the long run! If everyone in the house gets out five minutes earlier, that shaves off quite a bit of water usage for the month. Avoiding baths and shortening your showers is a very effective way to lower your water bills fast.

Don’t Let Water Run

Many times, people will start the faucet for something, then keep it running, even while it is not needed. Brushing your teeth is a prime example… You turn the sink on to rinse the toothbrush, then leave it running the entire time you are brushing. Try to cut out this habit as much as possible. You will be amazed at the difference it makes!

Count On Us

All in all, by simply being aware of your water usage and by contemplating other ways to get things done water-free, you can make a big dent in your future water bills. For more information, or for any plumbing help, please contact the pros at Stadler Plumbing today. Let us help you make 2017 great!