Need plumbing care for your home or business in Macomb County? Then, you may be wondering which team to hire for the job! Well, we assure you that if you hire the crew here at Stadler Plumbing, you won’t want to turn to anyone else in the future. We offer the best products and services around, and we pride ourselves on always putting your needs first. Learn more about us below, then call today to schedule your next service. We’re ready and eager to help you out soon!

We’re Family-Owned

Owner and founder, Tony Stadler, opened the doors of his business back in 1989, and his son joined the company in 2012 with plans of taking over once his father retires. We pride ourselves on being family-owned and by promoting family values. We treat every one of our customers with consideration, professionalism, and respect, and we stand by all of our work, ensuring you get the best possible care, no matter what.

We’re not some big chain company that only focuses on making their next buck. Our crew is dedicated to doing the best job possible with the highest-quality products there are, and you can rest easy knowing we never take shortcuts or cut corners. When you hire us, you’ll always get the top-notch results you are hoping for!

We Are Licensed, Insured & Certified

One thing that is really important when hiring a plumber is asking if they are licensed. This ensures that they are registered with a governing body and that they will be informed of any coding rules or regulations regarding your property. If you hire a non-licensed plumber, you always run the risk of his or her work not passing a final inspection, in which case you’ve just flushed a lot of money down the drain.

Here at Stadler Plumbing, we are fully licensed, so you never have to worry about our work not meeting the appropriate guidelines. We are also fully insured, so should something go wrong, you’ll be covered there, too! Let’s face it, mistakes happen, and even a minor one can result in a lot of damage when it comes to plumbing work. This is one area where we choose to be safe now, rather than sorry later!

To top it all off, all of our master plumbers have their backflow testing certification. What is backflow? Well, this is what it’s called when the water flowing through your pipes reverses. When backflow occurs, contaminated water is much more likely to mix with clean water, which will then make its way to your home. As you can imagine this could lead to illness and a lot of unsanitary situations.

With a backflow testing certification, we ensure we have everything we need to prevent backflow and equip you with the tools necessary to keep your water as clean as possible. You can never be too careful!

We Offer A Long List Of Services

If you find a plumbing company you like and hope to rely on, then you are probably looking to make them your one-stop-shop for it all. Well, here at Stadler Plumbing, we offer a long list of comprehensive services, giving us the power to handle any and all of your plumbing-related needs!

That’s right – we repair and install water heaters, water lines, toilets, faucets, showers, tubs, garbage disposals, gas lines, and more. If you’re wondering about service, just ask, and we’re certain we get set you up right with everything you need to move forward. We also help with frozen pipes, sump pumps, and water meters, and we’d be happy to assist with renovation or restoration work, too. As you can see, there isn’t much we cannot do!

We Serve Both Homes & Businesses

When you look into a plumbing company, it’s easy to assume they stick to just residential or just commercial properties, but not us. We’re happy to help homeowners all throughout our service area, and if a local business needs plumbing care, we can help them with that, too. We even assist with new construction work, and as previously stated, we can handle any restoration or renovation work that comes our way.

Basically, if you need plumbing care – big or small – we want you to reach out to us! We’re certain you’ll be satisfied with everything we have to offer.

We Are Committed To Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

When it comes right down to it, your satisfaction will always be our number one priority, and our many years of experience ensure that we can get the job done right every single time. If you’re not completely satisfied with a service we have completed, we want to hear about it! We’re also prompt, up-front, and we offer fair prices, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or misled.

It’s time you invest in the care you deserve, and we’re here to offer that to you. Talk with the team at Stadler Plumbing today!