Are you are concerned your water heater may need to be replaced in the near future? If so, there are some signs you can look out for. Check them out below. Afterwards, browse our website to learn about what Stadler Plumbing can do for you! We can repair, replace, and install your water heater, so that your home is back up and running in no time.

Water Problems

Many issues can arise with your regular water flow if your water heater in on its last leg. One thing you may notice is a strange tint to your water’s color. If it is looking rusty or brown, then your water heater may be rusting from the inside out. This is a clear indication that leaks and other damage will start occurring soon. So having your water heater checked out right away should be a priority!

Another problem you may notice is a lack of hot water. No one likes cold showers, and washing clothes and dishes with cold water isn’t ideal, so this is something you are likely to notice right away. Lack of heat means your water heater is working extra hard to get the job done and can’t keep up with your household any longer. Have it looked at or replace fast!


Any excess water around the tank means your tank is leaking somewhere. As it heats, any cracks or fractures open up and water is allowed to seep out. This isn’t just bad news for your water heater. This type of issue leads to all sorts of damage to your home, as well! Your flooring will suffer a lot and, if you have anything stored near your water heater, it will likely face irreparable  damage.

Strange Noises

Heard any strange noises lately? The older a water heater is, the more likely it is that various substances and materials have hardened inside of it and are rumbling around on a regular basis. This is a clear cut sign that your water heater is nearing the end. It will continue to work less and less efficiently and will wear down at a faster rate if the issues is not addressed.

Old Age

When it comes right down to it, a water heater that is over ten years old should be replaced. If your unit has been put to use for over a decade, but seems to be running fine, you should still strongly consider purchasing a replacement. It is only a matter of time before things start going downhill, and it is always better to stop any issues before they start.

Putting off water heater repair or replacement will only lead to more problems down the line. Things like these pile up fast, leaving you in need of countless repairs and facing lots of bills. Stop water heater woes in their tracks, by investing in our services today!

Call the experts at Stadler Plumbing for more information. We can’t wait to help you out!