Garbage Disposal Maintenance - Macomb County MI- Stadler PlumbingA garbage disposal is desired by many and makes a great asset to any kitchen. They create less waste for landfills and make meal clean-up easy, saving homeowners a lot of time and extra work. No more picking out food scraps from the bottom of your sink. Simply flip a switch, run the cold water, and let the garbage disposal take it from there.

Once you get used to the convenience that these units offer, you may get frustrated fast when it clogs or breaks down. If your garbage disposal seems to be facing some issues, call in the experts at Stadler Plumbing and let us take a look. We have been installing and repairing garbage disposals for over 20 years, so we are sure that we can find the issue and get your appliance back in working order.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

We are always ready to help you out with any and all of your garbage disposal needs. If you face problems, give us a call right away. In the meantime, check out these tips for keeping your garbage disposal in the best condition possible.

Use Cold Water: Using cold water while running your unit will help the fats that are building up bind together. This makes them easier for your garbage disposal to chop up and flush away. Avoid hot water at all costs, as it will cause the fats to melt, thus inviting clogs and other issues.

Clean It Out: You can clean your garbage disposal by sending down some ice cubes, along with a cup of rock salt. Let it run for a little bit so the two can work together and clear things out. Another trick to freshen things up is to grind up lemons, while warm water runs down your disposal.

Turn It Off: If it sounds like something is jammed or malfunctioning, immediately turn your unit off. This will stop whatever is causing issues from inflicting further damage. It will also give you the freedom to inspect things on a closer basis. That being said, never stick your hand in the disposal to check things out! A flashlight and some pliers are both great options for removing any obstacles.

Avoid Bleach/Chemicals: Don’t use bleach or de-clogging products in hopes of cleaning out your messes. Chemicals, in general, are not good for your plumbing and drainage system. Over time they will cause them to weaken and break down at a quicker rate. Instead use natural products to regularly clean your garbage disposal and ask your plumber for tips on clearing out clogs.

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At Stadler Plumbing, our staff is trained and certified to inspect, install, and repair garbage disposals. If you’re having problems on a consistent basis or if you need a new unit installed, please give us a call and let us help you out. Thanks for choosing us!