Have you been noticing excess water in various places throughout your home? How about signs of water damage on your floors, ceilings, and walls? Or maybe there’s been a decrease in your home’s water pressure? All of these things indicate a leak is present, and it’s time to figure out where it’s at!

A leak in your system causes your water bill to soar. It can also wind up costing you a lot in damages throughout your home. It leaves behind stains and bad odors and, should any of your possessions get damaged, you’ll have to replace those, too. On top of this, it encourages the buildup and mold and mildew, and it will cause various items to rot and rust. Masonry deteriorates quickly when exposed to water, and it’s not good for your home’s foundation, either. As you can tell, a water issue is one you’ll want to resolve fast!

Check Your Pipes

When your pipes freeze, this leads to leaks and flooding throughout the home, and the after effects can be quite devastating. Here in Michigan, we know all about harsh winter weather, so being on high alert for frozen pipes is important! Frozen pipes lead to burst pipes, and we know that’s not something you want to deal with. Luckily, there are things you can do to avoid this issue when temps get low.

First of all, make sure all of your outdoor water sources are drained, disconnected, and sealed up. These include pools, hoses, and sprinkler systems, among others. You’ll want to make sure your pipes and the areas of your home that host them are well insulated, too. It’s also wise to keep your sink cabinets open, so that warm air can properly circulate. These steps, along with keeping your home warm and toasty, can go a long way! If temperatures outside get too extreme, it’s a good idea to run your sink (just a small trickle is fine) to keep the water moving.

If it’s too late for you, and you’ve experienced a burst pipe, call us in! Our professional staff is trained, licensed, and happy to help you get your home back to normal.

Scan For Damages

If frozen pipes aren’t the issue, look for where the damages are occuring in your home. A stain, puddle, or constant drip are all dead giveaways of a leak, and we can move from there to remedy the situation. A thorough scan of your home makes all the difference in getting things fixed up fast!

Still Having Trouble?

If you suspect a leak, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our professional team will stop by and figure it out, so that you can get back to your normal routine in no time!

Learning about our services is easier than ever when you simply give us a call, or you can scan our website and check us out there. We can’t wait to help you out so you can get through this winter with the peace of mind you deserve. Thanks for choosing us!