When bad weather hits, your home usually ends up going through a lot of wear and tear. One of the worst things that can occur is a flooded basement. Removing the water and assessing the damage can be a time-consuming and costly process, and many times people hardly know where to begin. The best option is to call in a professional to ensure that everything is removed properly and safely. Make an appointment right away and, in the meantime, follow these guidelines for keeping your home and family as safe as possible.

There's Water In My Basement -Macomb County MI - Stadler Plumbing

Maintain Your Distance

Depending on where the water has come from, it could contain harmful bacteria that may trigger a variety of diseases and illnesses, should one be exposed to it. If you must come into contact with the water, be sure to protect your body with gloves, goggles, masks, and other forms of protective clothing. On top of this, be sure to keep small children and pets as far away as possible. Anything could be in this water from sewage to harmful chemicals, to various types of bugs and insects. Play it safe and stay as far away as possible.

Also, to ensure your safety and the safety of friends and family residing in the home, turn off the electricity until your water issue is taken care of. It is common knowledge that water and electricity do not mix and if there is a short or loose wire anywhere, someone could easily get electrocuted.

Call In A Professional

An expert is trained on how to handle basement issues as safely and thoroughly as possible. Licensed plumbers know the ins and outs of pipes and leaks and can make accurate evaluations as to where water may be coming from. They have the correct tools and equipment for safely diving into the issue and getting your basement cleaned up as quickly as possible and can advise homeowners as to how they can prevent flooding from happening again.

Preventing Further Damage

Once you go through the process of getting your basement dried out and back to normal, you will want to make certain that there are preventative measures put into place to avoid flooding down the line. Whether you are looking into sump pumps, draining systems, re-shaping your landscape, or countless other options, taking some type of action is important for maintaining the value of your home and for keeping your belongings in good condition. If continuous moisture issues occur, you could end up facing mold growth, as well as various structural problems.

Stadler Plumbing has the tools and expertise you need to keep your home and family safe throughout the future. Our professionals are trained as far as how to accurately assess any basement issues and can move forward with solutions for remedying even the worst situation. Stop on by or give us a call today!