A garbage disposal is a huge asset to any kitchen, and most homeowners love the convenience of having one installed in their sink. That being said, dealing with a garbage disposal that is malfunctioning or not living up to its full potential can be really frustrating! Luckily, the qualified, experienced and licensed professional plumbers at Stadler Plumbing are here to help!

Learn about some of the more common issues a garbage disposal may face below. Sometimes, it’s an easy fix that you can do yourself! Other times, you’ll need professional assistance, in which case we’ll be happy to come out to your home and get things back to working order. Any questions? Contact us today!

Dealing With A Jam?

One of the most common issues a garbage disposal will face is a jam. We sometimes get called in to help people out with these, but other times homeowners like to try and address the issue themselves. If you’re wanting to do some investigating on your own, remember to turn the garbage disposal off before doing so. Also, never ever put your hand down the garbage disposal.

Once everything is shut off, shine a flashlight into the unit and remove any obstructions with pliers, tongs, or a similar item. If you got a good look, but don’t see anything that would be causing a blockage, go underneath your system and insert an Allen wrench into the hole at the bottom. Turn it until it spins all the way around, then take a gander inside of the unit again. Or you can use an object to nudge the blades until they can move freely. Again, look inside and try to spot the cause of the clog. Once you do, remove any objects you see.

After that, all that’s left to do is press the reset button and run your unit! Super easy.

Notice A Leak?

Another issue that garbage disposals face are leaks. If you see a pool of water near your disposal, then something definitely isn’t functioning correctly. Call us in, so that we can do a closer assessment of the situation and advise you on the next appropriate steps. Whether you need a repair or a replacement part, we are sure we can help you out!

Is A Replacement In Order?

If you end up needing your entire garbage disposal unit replaced, depend on our crew to get the job done right. We have been serving this area for over 25 years and you can trust that we know our stuff! We install only the best of the best, so your new unit will be sure to stand the test of time. Ready for a product that guarantees years of satisfaction? Give us a call right away – we’re sure to find the perfect match for you!