Analyze Garbage Disposal Issues- Macomb County MI - Stadler PlumbingGarbage disposals typically make the flow of anyone’s kitchen routine a lot smoother. They offer a lot of convenience as far as cleaning up, and their ability to break down those pesky food scraps helps to ensure that your drain stays unclogged. It is important to implement regular maintenance on your garbage disposal to ensure that it works properly for years to come. That being said, every unit will face issues from time to time.

Check out these more common issues and consider how you might go about remedying them.

  • No Power: If you turn on your disposal and hear nothing, then you are facing some power issues. Check the outlet, the reset button, and the circuit breaker before doing anything else. If none of those are the issue, you may need to look into purchasing some replacement parts or hiring a professional to look at the electric work.
  • Not Chopping Waste: If your unit is running, but failing to break down any of the food you throw in it, then take a look at the blades. If they seem dull, your problem may be as simple as needing to sharpen them. If a blade has fallen off entirely, then simply replacing it will do the trick and your unit it will be back to normal.
  • Leaks: If you start noticing a lot of water around your garbage disposal, then you may be able to solve the problem yourself. Check for loose joints or see if the rubber gasket is looking worn and old. If you cannot seem to solve the problem yourself, call in back-up. A plumber will explore all of the ins and outs more extensively and will know how to address any issues.

Avoiding Issues

There are many things you can do to avoid encountering these issues in the first place. Check out these tips.

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Certain cleaning products are unsuitable for using in the garbage disposal and can end up causing a lot of damage. Stay away from bleach and other severe products and stick to something gentler. Regular dish soap is a great option.
  • Dispose Cautiously: Not everything can be thrown down the garbage disposal. Stick with only minimal table scraps and avoid throwing larger items, such as egg shells and chicken bones down there. These can easily cause clogs and damage blades.
  • Keep It Cold: When running your disposal, using cold water to help things along will always be your best bet. This means keeping boiling water or hot grease away from it as much as possible.

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