If the water in your household has been causing you distress, damaged water lines may be the culprit. Plumbing issues, in general, can be very frustrating, and it’s important to find a company you can trust for help and guidance, guaranteeing you years of satisfaction and relief. Well, the licensed, experienced, and highly qualified crew here at Stadler Plumber are the ones to turn for it all! Let us help you out soon.

Reasons-For-Water-Line-Repair-Macomb-County-MI-Stadler-PlumberSigns Of Damaged Water Lines

Trying to decide whether or not damaged water lines is the reason behind your problems? Check out these common signs associated with this issue.

One thing you’ll experience with damaged pipes is leaking. If you’re noticing excess moisture or unexplained pools of water throughout your home, then you’ll want to get on the phone with a plumber right away! Other indications of leaks are low water pressure. If water is leaking, you won’t get that strong and steady stream you’re hoping for from your sink and shower.

Clogs and discoloration are also indicators of a more serious problem. If debris is entering your water system or if corrosion has occurred, water won’t be able to flow like normal, causing your drains to back up on a regular basis. Along with this, mineral deposits in your pipes can cause discoloration and rust-colored water, which is obviously less than ideal.

Finally, consider the age of your pipes. If you know what type of pipes you have and how old they are, you can conclude whether or not you may be due for some new ones. If you’re unaware, do some research and see what kind of pipes yours are or just call in our team and we will happily evaluate your situation. Our professional crew knows their stuff, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Have You Recently Purchased A New Appliance?

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to water lines is that new ones are necessary when you have a new appliance installed. We’ll set you up right, so you can enjoy your new fridge, washer, dryer, or other new item with ease – you deserve that! If you’re anxious to get things up and running, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Stop Stressing & Count On Us

Water line issues can wear you down in a hurry and cause some huge inconveniences in your day-to-day life. Put your worries aside and call us in now, so that we can resolve these problems quickly and efficiently. We guarantee there’s no better team to trust in Macomb County, and we’re eager to do everything we can to make homeowners in the area live happier and more comfortable lives. Why waste any more time? Set up your appointment today!