Garbage disposals are a very convenient thing to have in the kitchen. They provide an easy and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of any excess food, and they help your house stay clean and odor-free, as well.

That being said, there are a few common problems that people with garbage disposals may face from time to time. If you have any of the following issues, and can’t seem to get them solved, call on the staff at Stadler Plumbing today! We are more than qualified to get your garbage disposal back in shape and ready for regular use.

Lost All Power

If your disposal is not running or making any noises whatsoever, there a few issues that may be amiss. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure it is plugged in. Sometimes, plugs simply come loose – and that’s an easy problem to fix! Another option would be to check the disposal’s reset button. If it is popped out, push it back in and hopefully things will start running again.

If you are still facing problems, it’s time to call us in! Your unit has likely been damaged or perhaps there is something wrong with the switch. We can take a look, find the problem, and present you with the best possible solutions, so things will be up and running again in no time!

Not Working Properly

If your unit has power, but is failing to break down any food, then you are likely dealing with a jam. You can clear out jams yourself by implementing a few techniques. First, make sure your disposal is off and unplugged. Remember – NEVER put your hand in your garbage disposal! This could lead to serious injury and is never a recommended practice.

Next, look inside the appliance with a flashlight, and try to locate the item jamming up your system. Use tongs or something similar to reach in and remove the obstruction. If that isn’t solving the problem, you can go in from the bottom. Stick a wrench in the hole on the bottom, then move it back and forth until it gives way and loosens up. You may have to try these techniques a few times before the item dislodges itself.

Again, if you find yourself facing a problem you just can’t seem to fix, turn to us! We have seen tons of problems – both common and unusual – so we are confident that we can tackle any issue that comes our way.


If you notice water coming from your garbage disposal, then you are likely facing a leak. While there are ways to attempt fixing it yourself, we strongly suggest leaving any plumbing work to a professional. This can lead to some intricate work, and we want your system to stay in the best shape possible! Call us in from the start, so you don’t face bigger problems down the line.

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