When it comes to drains, plumbing, and other types of bathroom equipment, it is not always easy to know when an expert should be called and when you could solve the problem yourself. Wasting time and money on a professional is frustrating when you realize your issue was an easy problem. On the other hand, attempting these fixes alone can often lead to bigger problems that cost you a lot more in the long run.

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Follow these guidelines to know when you should call a plumber and when to address the problem yourself.

           Do-It-Yourself Fixes

  • Basic leaks: Shutting off the water and addressing a leaky faucet or toilet can be a fairly simple process. Buying your own parts and spending a little time addressing this issue will be a lot less expensive than calling in a professional plumber. If you do not have a lot of experience in this department, start out slow and take everything step-by-step. Soon enough, you will master the procedure and you will end up saving a lot of time and money in the long run
  •  Clogged Toilets: There are many techniques to unclogging a toilet and a simple Internet search can introduce a lot of good tips for getting this done quickly. By investing in a good plunger, you can save a lot when compared to the cost of calling in a professional. Save yourself some time and attempt this fix yourself before calling in back-up.
  • Plugged Up Drains: There are many products that work great for clearing out a plugged up shower or sink drain. A lot of online do-it-yourselfers have found some great techniques for getting this done, as well. Boiling water, baking powder, and vinegar have all proven useful for getting the job done right.

    Call A Professional

  • Remodels: If you thinking of diving into a remodel, you will definitely want to call in a few experts. Often times, permits are required for this type of bathroom work and you will want to ensure the proper building codes are followed throughout the entire process. Often times, remodels require moving plumbing and bathroom appliances around, which can be an extensive ordeal and one that you will definitely want an expert’s insight on.
  • Low Water Pressure: This problem is often hard to pinpoint, as far as possible causes. A plumber will have more knowledge as far as what is going wrong and will know how to address any needed repairs. Low water pressure can get old very quickly, so do not hesitate in calling an expert right away.
  • Backed Up Pipes: Some clogs are easy to fix, but if the problem becomes persistent, despite constant attempts to remedy the situation, then it would be wise to call in a professional. Trying to fix the problem yourself could just cause more problems and a certified plumber will know where to look and how to address the situation properly.Stadler Plumbing is ready and able to address any of your plumbing needs. Give us a call today!