Has a new year brought some new inspiration as far as home decor and remodeling projects? If so, you need a reliable crew to help you out with all of your plumbing needs! Here at Stadler Plumbing, we’ve been providing the Macomb County area with unbeatable care for over three decades now, and renovations are our specialty. If you’re looking for some new ideas, consider some of the plans we’ve mapped out below, then turn to us with any questions or concerns. We’d be happy to help you throughout every step of this process!

contractor looking at bathroom renovation sketch

Sleek & Simple

There are many advantages to keeping things simple and streamlined. These designs typically offer a more functional flow that’s pleasing to the eye. Plus, any sinks, tubs, or toilets that follow these guidelines are usually easier to clean, too. If you are looking for something low-maintenance and uncomplicated, then you should stick to pieces without a lot of flash or flair.

The best part about going with a sleek, straightforward renovation plan is that you can easily personalize the space without it getting too busy. Your personality and taste can shine through, and this allows some of your favorite pieces really stand out.

Here at Stadler Plumbing, we have lots of options for you to explore. Give our team a call, and we’d be happy to start developing a plan based on your unique wishes. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Vibrant & Ornate

If you’re wanting a space that is more ornate, we can help you accomplish that, too! For many, a simple design plan just doesn’t fit with their style preferences, and they may want to turn their bathroom into a picture-perfect oasis for ultimate relaxation. If this sounds right to you, then we can help with that, too!

A lot of times, the tub and shower say it all in these types of renovations. Achieving that perfect space to unwind in after a long day can make all the difference, and we have lots of choices for you to look through. We have steam showers, walk-in bathtubs, and even Jacuzzi-style options, so you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what. We can even work with your space, no matter how big or small, to ensure everything fits in perfectly.

Modern & High-Tech

Interested in fixtures that are modern, high-tech, and energy-efficient? We can definitely point you in the right direction. Trusting in a professional for your bathroom remodel is the best way of ensuring you get the most from every new piece you install, and we are certain to get the job done right, so you experience less waste down the line.

Always Trust A Professional

Are you eager to get your renovation underway? If you’re a big do-it-yourselfer, you may be wondering how easy it might to tackle the project yourself. Some plumbing repairs, like replacing basic hardware or fixing small leaks, can definitely be completed by an experienced homeowner, but when it comes to renovation work, we strongly advise against trying to go solo.

Why is this? Well, for one thing, your remodeling job will need to fit in with the building codes and regulations of the area you live in. Getting the job completed, only to be told most of it needs to be undone, can be disheartening, and you’ll be throwing time, money, and sweat down the drain.

Another thing to worry about is the risk of experiencing even more plumbing problems. Should something be done incorrectly or if an internal problem is lingering that you are unaware of, then just one minor mishap on your part could lead to a lot of water damage. In the end, saving a few bucks on professional care will wind up costing you thousands in home repairs, and you’ll end up needing to call in an expert to eventually help out, anyway.

Why risk it? Rather, call on a crew that is licensed, up-front, mess-free, and here to answer any and all of the questions you have along the way. Stadler Plumbing is ready to serve you!

Ready To Tackle Even More Home Projects?

Once your bathroom work is completed, you may find yourself ready to re-do even more areas of your home. If so, be sure to call on us to help you with it all! From basement renovations to kitchen remodels to water heater installation and more, we can take care of your entire home. We want you to be left with the dream space you’ve always hoped for.

Our family-owned and operated organization is ready to put you first. Reach out now to set up an appointment!