If you’re looking to deep clean your bathroom, but want to go that extra mile to ensure things get really spotless, who better to trust for tips than a certified and licensed plumber? Here at Stadler Plumbing, we have the answers you are looking for! Read up on our tips for ensuring your bathroom remains clean and clog free all year long!

Take Apart Your Sink & Showerhead

Now and then, it’s wise to take apart your sink and showerhead so you can give them a good, thorough cleaning. These components are fairly simple to disassemble, and by doing so, you ensure you get that built-up grime and soap scum out of every nook and cranny. You can even clean these parts with a simple vinegar solution that you likely already have in your cupboard! A quick cleaning job will help out immensely when it comes to keeping you and your family comfortable and content.

Don’t Flush Your Garbage

Some homeowners feel that they can flush anything down the toilet, like make-up wipes, cotton balls, tissues… even diapers! None of these things are dissolvable, and they will cause your toilet to clog up, overflow, and spill on your clean bathroom floor. Even if they do successfully go down the drain, we guarantee they’ll cause problems down the line, and you’ll need professional help to get things resolved.

Toilets are meant for human waste and toilet paper, and nothing else should be sent down them. Have a trash can set up in your bathroom for easy disposal of all of your bathroom products!

Avoiding Clogs

There’s no doubt that clogs and obstructions mess up drainage and can create quite the mess. Having dirty water sit in your tub or sink isn’t ideal, and it can quickly cause stains and rust to form. And, removing the clogs can be a sticky situation, too! It’s best to avoid this scenario altogether – here’s how to do it!

We mentioned the importance of keeping trash out of your toilet, but this goes for your sink and shower, too! Avoid sending hair and other bigger items down the drain by having a strainer put in place. It’s also wise to run hot water down the drain at least once per week to ensure any debris doesn’t pile up.

Depend On A Professional For Serious Maintenance

Having leaks, clogs, and other issues addressed right away by a professional will save you a lot of stress in the long run. The key to keeping things clean, tidy, and controlled is trusting in a professional from the get-go. If you’re having problems with your bathroom plumbing, depend on the licensed and experienced pros at Stadler Plumbing today. The sooner we resolve these issues, the quicker we can get you back to where you need to be!