Many wonder how they can ensure their toilet and plumbing can stay in the best shape possible over the years. I mean, let’s face it – the last thing a homeowner wants to worry about is a backed up pipe or sewage all over their floor. Fortunately, you can play a big role in keeping your plumbing in the best condition possible by simply watching what you flush.

Check out our list of some unflushable items below, then be sure to count on the team here at Stadler Plumbing for any and all of your plumbing-related needs. Our licensed and qualified team would be happy to help you out with it all.

Paper Towels

Paper towels seem like they would go down your toilet easily, but they are not made the same way toilet paper is, and they will not run through your pipes the same way, either. They can easily cause blockages which will back things up and leave you with a big mess on your hands.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes, along with baby diapers, should always be thrown into the trash. Baby wipes are often assumed as safe-to-flush items, but they can clog things up in a hurry. They never break down as quickly as toilet paper does, and they are sturdier than you would assume when running through your pipes, which is not a good thing.

Feminine Products

These types of products are especially absorbent, so they will expand in your plumbing and eventually back things up. Many assume these things are okay to flush, but they really should be disposed of in a trash can.

Kitty Litter

Flushing your fur baby’s litter down the toilet? You shouldn’t be. Kitty litter, as well as dried up cat feces, can be harmful to your plumbing and it never disintegrates as well as advertised. For the sake of your toilet, scoop it and throw it in the trash.


Gum, cooking grease, and any type of food should never go down the drain. The water cannot properly break it down, and you will be experiencing clogs in no time. Toss them in the trash or compost pile to properly dispose of them.


Shower drains are known for getting clogged with hair and, if you flush these wads of hair down the toilet, you aren’t solving the problem. Some people also remove the hair from their brush and simply toss it in the toilet. You will be facing a lot of issues in the near future if you make this a regular practice, so do your best to keep stray strands in the trash can where they belong.

Anything Else?

Not sure about an item? A good rule of thumb is this: If it is not toilet paper, urine, or excrement, then do not flush it. The toilet was invented to flush down these things only, and it is not designed to break down any other materials. If you are facing issues, we would be happy to help. Call on the Stadler Plumbing team today!