Prevent Waste Backup & Encourage Flow With A Sewer Ejector Pump

In some homes, sewage backup and toilet issues arise rather frequently, and not because of a clog in the toilet or piping. In many of these instances, the reason for the sewage backup is that the toilet itself is located in a place on the property that is below the sewer line. Because water and waste rely on gravity to move away from the home and towards the sewer system, having a toilet located below the sewer line poses a problem. How can you get the waste to travel up towards the sewer system? The answer: a sewer ejector pump.

What Is A Sewer Ejector Pump & How Does It Work?

A sewer ejector pump is a system that is put into place to pump solid and liquid waste up and away from the home. These sealed pumps or tanks (also commonly referred to as sewage pumps, sanitary sewer pumps, or solid waste pumps) are commonly made of fiberglass or polyethylene, both of which are less likely to corrode than other materials.

The pump is typically placed in the flooring of the basement or lowest dwelling place in the home, and features an area for receiving waste from toilets and other plumbing appliances. Inside of this sealed tank is a pump or motor that is activated by a sensor or float when liquid reaches a certain level. Once activated, the pump works to push both liquid and solid waste up the discharge pipe and towards the sewer system.

What About Sewage Backup From The Public Sewer System?

Because the system is located below the main sewer line, many homeowners fear a disaster if the public sewer system backs up, and naturally so. But that’s why these systems have a check valve and a gate valve. These valves work to prevent any back up from the public sewer system from accessing the pump.

Let The Professionals Install Your Sewer Ejector Pump!

If you have a toilet installed below the sewer line, let the licensed and insured team at Stadler Plumbing & Heating put your mind at ease by installing a sewer ejector pump. We’ll make sure your system is properly installed and ready to work for you for the long run. Should you ever experience any problems with your system, just give us a call! We’ll be at your door equipped to troubleshoot and repair it in no time. Call 586-803-1200 for more information or scheduling. We also offer appointment requests online – click here!


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