For those with a basement, finding ways to ensure it stays protected and free from water is always a priority. Well, one way you can do this is by investing in a sump pump, and at Stadler Plumbing we will set you up right. We install and replace sump pumps, allowing you peace of mind, no matter the weather outside. Call our team today to learn more!

All About Sump Pumps

Sump pumps work hard to keep your home safer. Once they’re installed, they automatically detect when water levels become too high, after which they start pumping it out, sending it away from the home. It’s that simple! This way, whether you’re at home or away from it, you can rest easier knowing water won’t destroy your belongings and damage your walls, carpets, and more.

Why Avoiding Water Damage Is Important

When water gets into your basement, the structural integrity of your home is put at risk. As you can imagine, a weak foundation is less than ideal and it makes selling your home in the future more difficult, too. This is an issue that can lead to plenty of stress as homeowners are forced to give up lots of time and money to fix things up.

Water damage also increases your risk of accumulating mold and mildew. Removing mold can be an expensive job, and the more items that are exposed, the more you’ll have to replace. Along with this, mold is very detrimental to the health and well being of the residents in the home. It can cause your skin, throat, and eyes to become irritated, and trigger coughing and stuffiness, especially for those with previous allergies. And, depending on the current health of the people exposed, some reactions to mold can be far worse.

Finally, water leaks and flooding is known for ruining countless possessions in people’s homes, many of which are very hard or impossible to replace. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to store books, documents, clothing, and more in their basements, meaning a lot could get ruined if water is given easy access. Why take any chances? Ask our team about having your sump pump installed today.

Consider A Backup

There are times when heavy rainfall, a loss of electricity, or even a basic malfunction will cause your sump pump to falter. Some models can’t keep up when water levels get extreme, so investing in a backup sump pump may be a good option for added security. There are even water-powered options, so should you lose power, you’ll still have something pumping excess water out and away from your home.

If you need more help figuring out your options, the team at Stadler Plumbing is qualified to help you out! Call us today, so we can set you up right.