Is Your Drain Backed Up?

If there’s one thing you don’t want in your home, it’s sewage. But when you have a clog in your main sewer line, sewage could quickly back up into your home, causing all sorts of issues from unpleasant smells to major messes. Here are some signs that you may have an issue with your sewer line:

  • Do you have multiple clogged drains/fixtures?
  • Are burbling noises coming from your drains?
  • Are your sinks and drains slow to drain?
  • Are you finding water near your basement’s floor drain?
  • Is water or sewage coming back up out of your toilets or drains?
  • Are there roots in your drains?
  • Is your home filled with musty, damp, or unusual odors?
  • Have you seen sudden increases in your water bill?
  • Has your water pressure decreased?
  • Does water bubble up in a sink or drain when you’ve just used another appliance?
  • Are there inconsistencies in your yard, like puddles or sinkholes?

If you’ve had any of the above issues in your home, it’s time to call a professional plumber! Here at Stadler Plumbing & Heating, we specialize in sewer and drain backup troubleshooting and resolution, and can promptly locate the source of your issue. Whether it’s a clog or some other type of issue causing your backup, you can count on us to help.

We’re Experienced & Equipped To Help

Those of us here at Stadler Plumbing & Heating use specialized tools and equipment to protect your home and property throughout the service, so you can expect a stress-free experience when you call on us. Our trained master plumbers come to each and every job equipped and prepared to tackle any and every issue that may present itself.  We’re committed to resolving issues quickly and affordably, and even make use of camera inspections to help us promptly locate clogs and damages.

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When it comes to a sewer drain backup, time is of the essence. Don’t suffer the mess, stress, and stench of a sewer backup another day – instead, call the licensed and insured professionals at Stadler Plumbing & Heating! Whatever the time of day or night, we can be reached at 586-803-1200. You can also request an appointment online – click here!

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We can handle all types of drain repairs, so regardless of the problem with your drains, count on our experience to get everything repaired and operating properly.

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