Is your water heater not working too well? Has your hot water started running out midway through your shower? Does it feel like it takes forever for your water to get hot? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then it might be time for a new water heater.

How Do I Know If My Water Heater Is In Trouble?

Deciding if there is actually an issue with your water heater can be tricky. A few signs that could be pointing to trouble with your water heater are the following:

  • The water becomes too hot or too cold
  • The water takes too long to heat up
  • The system runs out of hot water quickly.

Another issue people commonly experience is noise coming from the tank. When sediment and debris build up and harden inside the water heater, they start to clank around the water heater. This makes loud sounds that can eventually trigger leaks and damage to your tank.

Is your water rusty?

Rust can also get into your water, and this can either be a result of rusted pipes or a rusted water heater. If you are not sure which is causing the issue, then you should test each by running your hot and cold water separately. If the rusty water only appears when you are running hot water, then it is probably time for you to get a water heater inspection or replacement.

What Type Of Water Heater Should I Get?

Ready to work with our team of experts? Now is the perfect time to consider what type of water heater work best in your home. We have high-efficiency options that typically cost more upfront but save you lots of money in the long run on energy cost.

We also have tankless water heaters, and these are our popular option as they take up less space and only heat water when you need it. These systems guarantee an endless supply of hot water, no matter how long your shower takes. We also offer gas or electric options, both of these work well for many homeowners. Our team can help you figure out which model is the most suitable for your specific needs.

Let the Team at Stadler Plumbing Help!

Regardless of your situation, if you need a new water heater, proper installation is vital. Fortunately, the team at Stalder Plumbing & Heating is licensed, certified, and ready to help you!

Our experienced team has been serving the area since 1989, and we have countless satisfied customers throughout Ferndale, Troy, Royal Oak, and more. Ready to get started? Give us a call. We’re excited to work with you!